Karen Griffith — Deputy Director

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) / Children and Family Services
(916) 263-3800

Ms. Griffith has been with SETA since December 1994, entering as a Head Teacher and then promoting to Program Officer in 2001 and Program Operations Manager in 2010. Ms. Griffith has been responsible for managing the functions of education, special education, mental health and facilities.

In December 2021, Ms. Griffith was appointed Interim Deputy Director, Children and Family Services. In her Interim role, Ms. Griffith took the lead on budgeting, fiscal analysis, and reporting of all Head Start, Early Head Start and all California State (CDE and CDSS) grants.

Ms. Griffith is recognized as a collaborator and partner centering her work on the needs of children and family we serve. Ms. Griffith has a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento. She has also earned her Director’s Credential from the National Head Start Association.

D’et Saurbourne — Interim Executive Director

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA)
(916) 263-3800

D’et Saurbourne is the Deputy Director of Administrative Services for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA). She oversees the Fiscal, Human Resources, and Information Technology Departments which supports over 550 employees, 40+ remote sites, and over $100 million in grant programs. She leads a dynamic and knowledgeable team that supports the Agency in serving our community. She believes that a strong support team can help staff better serve clients and provide the best outcomes possible.

D’et has a Bachelor’s Degree from CSU Sacramento in Government with a concentration in International Relations, and a minor in Business Administration. She has been with SETA since 2009 and has worked in a variety of capacities. She’s had the opportunity and privilege to work closely with both Workforce Development programs and Children and Family Services programs which has provided better insight to support each department and the many programs provided in Sacramento County.

Roy Kim — Deputy Director

Workforce Development SETA/Sacramento Works, Inc.
(916) 263-3800

Roy Kim is the Deputy Director of Workforce Development for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency and Sacramento Works, Inc., the local workforce investment board. He oversees the planning and implementation of workforce development programs targeting job seekers and employers and creates community partnerships to strengthen the Sacramento Works Job Center system. He leads a team of dedicated workforce development professionals who provide training, education, social services and job placements services to over 50,000 youth, adults and dislocated workers per year.

Roy cares deeply about building a collaborative workforce development system that ensures self-sufficiency and upward mobility for job seekers and results in a highly skilled workforce to meet the hiring needs of local employers.