SETA General Information – Programs and Services
(916) 263-3800


SETA Director Bios & Contacts

SETA Equal Opportunity Officer

Equal Opportunity Policy

Head Start – Children and Family Services Administration

(916) 263-3804

Head Start – Administration (Quality Assurance/On-going Monitoring, Food/Nutrition Services, Grants/Contracts, Safe Environments)

Denise Lee
(916) 263-3916

Head Start – Program Support Services (Family Engagement, Enrollment/Recruitment/Attendance (ERSEA), Health and Oral Health, Home Base Services)

Lisa Carr
(916) 263-8123

Head Start-Program Operations (Education/School Readiness, Special Education and Mental Health Services)

Karen Griffith
(916) 263-3988

SETA Refugee Services

Michelle O’Camb
(916) 263-3868

Sacramento Works Employer and Business Services

William Walker
(916) 263-4639

SETA Community Services Block Grant

Julie Davis-Jaffe
(916) 263-3929

Sacramento Works Youth Services

Terri Carpenter
(916) 263-7891