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  • SETA only accepts applications for Current Open Positions, or Continuous Filing Positions.
  • Applications must meet all qualifications by the final filing date, unless specifically exempted in the job announcements.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to insure the application is in the SETA Personnel Office NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM on the filing deadline.
  • Postmarks are not accepted. Facsimiles, emails, and late applications WILL be rejected.
  • ALL applications must have an original signature and must be dated.

You may obtain an employment application at:

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SETA 925 Del Paso Blvd., #100 Sacramento, CA 95815 (916) 263-3800
SETA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Current Positions (Open to the Public)

Site Supervisor $20.43/Hour

CFS Quality Assurance Analyst $19.45/Hour

Workforce Development Professional Range II $18.72/Hour

Senior Personnel Analyst (Supervisory) $25.90/Hour

Personnel Clerk $15.67/Hour

Continuous Positions (Open to the Public)

Associate Teacher/Infant Toddler $12.82/Hour

Associate Teacher Tier III $12.50/Hour

On Call Cook/Driver $10.41/Hour