Updated SETA Staff Resources Website & New FMLA Process

Good afternoon,

SETA Staff Resources Website Flyer
Leave of Absence Brochure June 2019

I am happy to announce our SETA Staff Resources Website has been updated to be more user-friendly and provide the information and documents staff can access at work or home. https://www.seta.net/staff-resources



Attached is a flyer, which will also be posted around Del Paso and sent in the courier tomorrow for all Head Start sites to post. Job Centers-please print flyer and post in your sites. If you do not have a color printer, please let me know and I can get a color printed flyer to you.



On the Human Resources/Payroll page at https://www.seta.net/staff-resources/human-resources-payroll/, there are new leave of absence/FMLA documents for you to access:

  • Brochure that explains FMLA and other types of leaves plus our contact information (also attached here and copies sent in courier tomorrow. Job Centers will be given copies soon)
  • Employee Leave of Absence Checklist that lists the steps employees need to take to request FMLA and get approved
  • All documents employees need to have completed by themselves, their doctors, or their family member’s doctors (*Note-Kaiser won’t fill out our forms since they have their own and that’s ok to turn in to HR)


We will no longer mail out FMLA packets to employees so Supervisors, please direct employees to this website page for more information or to call Deanna Dykes or myself.


Please let me know individually if you have any questions. Thanks.


Kind regards,


Allison Noren

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