Updated Directive: OJT-SE Policies and Procedures (IS 04-08)

The latest version of the OJT-SE Policies and Procedures (IS 04-08) can be found on the Staff Resources page of the SETA Website. http://seta.net/staff-resources

Here is a summary of the changes to the directive:

Format: changed the format (Pg. 1) to reflect state directive format and SETA letterhead to include Allen Warren.

References: added references similar to the state directive format.

Page Numbers: added page numbers throughout the directive to reference page attachments.

Service Provider: changed all of the reference of Program Operators to Service Provider (except on the OJT/SE Contract with the Employer, Attachment B).

Enrollment Procedures: updated this section (Pg. 2) to be consistent with the enrollment process in the SacWorks Customer Flow directive.

Center/Site: included SWJC, SWTC. Center refers to SWJC or SWTC and Site refers to OJT/SE Service Providers.

WIA Adult added to the list of grants for the OJT/SE program (Pg. 2).

Supportive Services/Scrip: updated all “support” to “supportive” services and added Scrip.

Completion of OJT/SE: updated the process to include auto exit process (Pg. 4)

Follow-up: minimum of every 90 days to four quarters after the last open activity (Pg. 4).

Table of Contents: updated the attachment labels on the table of contents (Pg. 5), and on each reference throughout the directive.

Pattern of Failure: changed the Pattern of Failure to be updated “bi-annually” or twice a year, not only once a year (Pg. 10).

Trainee- Employer Ratio: added back the 5:1 ratio of trainee to employer that was taken out a few revisions ago (G. Pg. 11).

Worksite Visits: clarification of worksite visit expectation to be within 30 days of training and must be documented in the SacWorks case notes.

Critical Occupational Clusters: updated the url address for Career GPS (Pg. 16).

Waivers: condensed and clarified SETA policy waiver request process (Pg. 16).

Attachment C: OJT/SE DESCRIPTION/ TRAINEE INFORMATION FORM: deleted “Vendorized” funding source, since this grant is no longer available. Added name format “Last, First” (Pg. 21)

Attachment D: JOB DESCRIPTION/ELEMENTS OF TRAINING/ MONTHLY EVALUATION: added “Trainee’s Name (last, first),” and “Yes” box for critical occupational cluster, removed Trainee’s printed name at the bottom since it has been moved to the top of the page, added “Printed Service Provider Name” at the bottom of the page about the signature line (Pg. 22).

Attachment E: OJT/SE CONTRACT CHECKLIST: changed and organized the list to be in the order that Service Providers need to complete tasks for an OJT/SE contract (Pg. 23).

OJT/SE Suitability Determination Summary Sheet: deleted because the Service Providers are not utilizing the checklist to determine OJT/SE trainee suitability, instead the Service Providers are automatically checking “Yes.” The committee feels the form is extra paperwork and not useful for the original purpose of justifying an OJT/SE. The OJT/SE Directive Revision Committee voted on removing the attachment.

Attachment F: OJT/SE CUSTOMER TRACKING/PLACEMENT FORM: added updated form.

Attachment G: OJT/SE SUPPORTIVE SERVICES REQUEST FORM: added the supportive service request form utilized by DHA for CalWORKs customers (Attachment G, Pg25).

Attachment H: SUPPORTIVE SERVICE ACTIVITY CODES: added the list of supportive service/scrip activity codes provided by the state that tracks and organizes each type of supportive service or scrip provided (Attachment H, Pg. 26).

Attachment I: OJT/SE CONTRACT MODIFICATION REQUEST: added the updated form.

Attachment K: OJT/SE TIERED EMPLOYER REIMBURSEMENT RATES: added the reimbursement tier back to the directive (Attachment K, Pg. 29).

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