SETA Policies & Procedures Changes


Sick Leave Accrual Usage Policy 01.03.19

Leave of Absence With or Without Pay Policy 01.03.19

Equal Opportunity Employer Policy 01.01.19

SETA-Policy-and-Procedures 1.3.19

The Governing Board has approved three policy changes to conform to the recent labor agreement changes.


The policy changes include:


Sick Leave Accrual and Usage (Section 9.08)

  • Reduce sick leave accrual to 12 days for 40-hour work week regular employees and a prorated reduction for 4, 6, and 7- hour regular employees
  • Clarify when employees may use their sick leave as defined by law
  • Remove sick leave restriction
  • Define excessive use of sick leave


Leave Without Pay (Section 9.01)

  • Change the title to Leave of Absence With or Without Pay
  • Clarify process on requesting leaves of absence
  • Clarify when leave without pay can be used
  • Added leaves of absence for veterans and/or members of the National Guard as defined per law


Equal Opportunity Employer (Section 1.05)

  • Updated the protected classes as defined by law


Attached are the three updated policies as well as the full SETA Policies and Procedures document. This document can also be found on our website at under Human Resources.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kind regards,


Allison Noren

Human Resources Chief

Sacramento Employment & Training Agency (SETA)

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