Updated Directive: SacWorks Customer Flow Directive (IS 01-08)

The latest version of the SacWorks Customer Flow Directive (IS 01-08) can be found on the Staff Resources page of the SETA Website. http://seta.net/staff-resources

Here is a summary of the changes to the directive:

Format: changed the format on page 1 to reflect the state directive format and SETA letter head to include Allen Warren.

References: added references similar to the state directive format.

Referencing Names: when referring to both SWJC and SWTC, the term “Center” will be used. The term “Coach” will be used when referring to staff located at the SWJC and the term “Staff” will refer to those located at the SWTC. The term Program Operators is changed to “Service Providers”. Sacramento Works Web to SacWeb. The term ”Addendum” will be used when referring to the SacWorks Registration-Addendum form.

Body of Directive: relocated and reworded information for a better flow.

Name: Exhibits referencing attached forms to “Attachments”.

Eliminated: Gold Standard process.

Enrollment Process: updated enrollment process to include the 30 day lockdown in SacWorks.

Self Sufficiency Calculator: Added as new requirement and url address.

Follow-up: minimum of every 90 days to four quarters after the last open activity.

Critical Occupational Cluster: added the url address for Career GPS and the Local Training Provider list.

Added: the resource of Virtual Recruiter in CalJobs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: changed the process of hard copy survey to the Constant Contact e-mail system.

Attached Forms: Changed the attached forms; from Exhibits to Attachments and their referencing letter.

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