LTPL Referral Process

Site Supervisors/Coaches:

Just a reminder regarding how the process works to get a provider on the Local Training Provider List (LTPL).

When a customer is assessed as eligible to receive a training referral they should be referred to the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), which is now at (, AND to the Local Training Provider List (LTPL) (
If the Provider and/or the training program is not listed on the LTPL, the coach should contact the school to let them know that a customer is interested in attending their school (and to obtain the necessary program information to add to the training referral form). The coach should then complete the referral form and submit the completed formĀ  to me, via Fax, to start the LTPL contract referral process. Once the form is received we will send the provider an LTPL packet for them to complete.
The LTPL contract process can take a few weeks or months depending on how quickly the provider completes the packet (or if they are interested in entering into a contractual situation with SETA). This time element should also be conveyed to the job center customer so they are aware of the potential delay in training.

This form is located on the K drive under forms and on the Staff Resources page.

Deborah Hennessy
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