Directive Attachments

WIOA Youth Program Forms

WIOA Eligibility Forms
(Each of these forms are required as part of your eligibility packet).

Fillable – WIOA Control Log 
Fillable – WIOA CalJOBS Registration Form Youth
Fillable – CalJOBS Registration – Youth Addendum
Job Seeker’s Code of Conduct
SWJC Authorization for Release of Confidential Information
WIOA Complaint Grievance Procedures
Applicant Acknowledgement Statement
Fillable – Residence/Support Verification
Fillable – Telephone Verification
Fillable – Applicant Statement
Fillable – Verification Summary Form
Fillable – Income Calculation Worksheet
FIllable – Determination of Eligibility for Youth Services – In-School Youth
Fillable – Determination of Eligibility for Youth Services – Out-of-School
Fillable – ISS WIOA Youth Program In-School
ISS Template User Reference Guide
Fillable – ISS WIOA Youth Program Out-Of-School 
ISS – Template User reference Guide – OSY
70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2019
Fillable – Medical Consent and Emergency Information

WIOA Activity Forms

Transmittal Form
Exit Form
Follow-Up Form
Youth Test Score Form
Youth Employment Placement Form

Grow Your Own MBH Talent Initiative Chart

Work Experience

Form W-4
USCIS Form I-9
Worksite Agreement – WIOA
Work Experience Employer Handbook

WIOA OSY and ISY Youth Program Training Materials

WIOA OSY and ISY Youth Provider List- PY 21-22
WIOA Youth Agency Codes PY 21-22
WIOA Youth Program Flow – OSY
WIOA Youth Program Flow – ISY
Step-by-Step WIOA Youth Process
Case Note Flow
CalJOBS Case Note Training
Activity Codes-Case Note Training
Follow-up Chart PY 21-22
WIOA Youth Performance
CASAS-Grade-WIOA – PY 21-22
CalJOBSSM Activity Codes Dictionary
Customer Tracking and Case Management Activities for WIOA Enrolled Youth – Attachment A

CalJOBS Processes Training Materials

CalJOBS Training- Introduction to CalJOBS
Registration-Creating an Individual
Creating a WIOA Application
Creating WIOA Participation
Creating Activity Codes in CalJOBS
Scanning Documents into CalJOBS
Setting up Alerts and Creating a Search List for Your Caseload

CASAS-Grade-WIOA-PY 19-20

CASAS – eTests Proctors Part 1
CASAS – eTests Proctors Part 2
CASAS – eTests Coordinator
CASAS – eTest Station Registration
CASAS – Steps to Register Students
CASAS – Steps for Testing Day
CASAS – Test Interruptions
CASAS – Test Scores Outside Accurate Range
CASAS – Basic Skills Content Standard – Reading
CASAS – Basic Skills Content Standards – Math