Directive Attachments

Sacramento Works Customer Flow WIOA Directive (WDD17-1) Attachments

Welcome Team Guidelines of Possible Actions (tool)
Job Seeker Emotional Modes and Interventions (tool)
CalJOBS Registration Addendum Form (WIOA)
My Action Plan (MAP) (tool)
One-on-One Comprehensive Assessment (tool)
Individual Employment Plan (IEP)/app/uploads/2018/11/CalJOBS-Registration-Addendum-Form-WIOA.doc
Critical Occupation Cluster(s)
Support Service Activities
Acceptable Right to Work Documents

Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures (WDD17-3)

ATTACHMENT A – Equal Opportunity is the Law
ATTACHMENT B – Authorization for Release of Confidential Information Form
ATTACHMENT C – WIOA Complaint-Grievance Procedures
ATTACHMENT D – Discrimination Complaint Form

OJT-SE Policy WIOA Directive (WDD16-5) Attachments

SETA On-the-Job Training/Subsidized Employment (OJTSE) Contract
OJT/SE Policies and Procedures (Attachment A of the OJTSE Contract)
OJT/SE Description/Trainee Information Form (Attachment B of the OJTSE Contract)
Job Description/Elements of Training/Monthly Evaluation (Attachment C of the OJTSE Contract)
OJT/SE Contract Checklist
OJT/SE Tiered Employment Reimbursement Rates
OJT/SE Timesheet
OJT/SE Contract Modification Request

Financial Assistance Award Directive (WDD17-2) Attachments

Child Dependent Care Verification Form (fillable)
County Sacramento-Mileage Claim
Employment Placement Form
Financial Obligation-Request For Payment Form
FinancialNeedsAssessment (fillable)
Financial Assistance (Training-Supportive Services) Template
Local Training Provider Referral Form
Lost-Missing Receipt Declaration
Mileage Log
RentalVerificationForm (fillable)
Scholarship Tuition Assistance Application Packet
CRT- Scholarship-Tuition Approval Form
SCRIP Template
Service Agreement-SWAJCC
CRT-Support Services and Incentives Request and Approval Form

GED/HiSET Voucher Request

ATTACHMENT A – GEDHiSET Voucher Request Procedure
ATTACHMENT B – GED Testing Voucher Request Form
ATTACHMENT C – HiSET Testing Referral Form