WIA to WIOA Transition Dates

Good morning,

On Wednesday July 1, 2015 SacWorks (and CalJOBS) will transition from WIA to WIOA. As part of the transition, access to WIA Applications and/or Activities (via SacWorks) will not be available from Tuesday,June 30, 2015 through Friday, July 17, 2015. While customers will continue to be able to register in SacWorks and staff will still be able to enter Case Notes, there will be no access to WIA/WIOA Applications or activities.

In order to prepare for this transition, staff will need to have ALL new WIA Applications and/or Activities entered into SacWorks by close of business Monday, June 29, 2015. SacWorksSupport will be available to assist staff all day Monday and Tuesday to ensure that customer Applications and Activities upload to CalJOBS.

On Monday July 20, 2015 staff will have access to create new WIOA Applications and/or edit previously created WIA Applications and/or Activities in SacWorks.Staff will likely encounter application fields arranged in a different order within the new WIOA Application. SacWorksSupport will be developing new training manual documents referencing the application changes as soon as possible.

Please contact SacWorksSupport with any questions or concerns.

Ralph Giddings
Workforce System Administrator
(916) 263-0563

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