Transition from SacWorks to CalJOBS

Good afternoon,


As we prepare for the transition from SacWorks to CalJOBS SacWorksSupport will be sending e-mails with relevant information to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.


After July 1, 2016 staff must begin using CalJOBS for customer enrollments and Case Notes. In addition, we strongly recommend that staff begin scanning customer documents directly into CalJOBS (after July 1, 2016). We are attaching screen shots with instruction on how to scan (or add) documents to CalJOBS. SacWorks will remain available for a short period of time to allow staff to view their customer’s detail or to continue to use our Vault system.


When enrolling customers into CalJOBS (after July 1, 2016) staff can continue to use the Activities 102 (Initial Assessment) and 205 (Development of IEP) for the time being. Also, now that the Activity 202 is no longer available staff can use Activity 200 (Individual Counseling). However, please keep in mind that ALL of these activities are same day service and must be opened and closed the day the service is provided. When enrolling customer’s into a given activity staff should search for “AJCC” when identifying the Agency.

Setting-Alerts in CalJOBS
CalJOBS document scanning

Finally, please be sure to log into CalJOBS right away and set your Alerts and assign your customers to your caseload. We are also attaching screen shots with instructions for setting Alerts.



If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact SacWorksSupport.




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