Support Service and Wagner Peyser Activities

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It has come to our attention that there are no current specific support service activities for either Food or Books. That being said, we have been in contact with the EDD and they have assured us that they are working towards creating these additional support service activities. For now staff should use Activity 183 (Incentives/Bonuses) for food related support services and Activity 188 (Tools/Clothing) for book related support services (unless the cost of the books is included in the cost of training activity).


In addition, we have recently been made aware that the Activity 120 (use of AJCC Resource Room) does not re-start the 90 day clock for Wagner Peyser. To try and avoid customers having to enroll in Wagner Peyser more than once we are suggesting that staff ask their customers to log into CalJOBS at least once per month. The Self-Service activities do re-start the 90 day clock. We are working with EDD to get additional Wagner Peyser activities that do re-start the clock.



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