SacWorks Support Service Activities

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While the Seta Directives Teams continue to move toward revising all of our WIOA Directives (e.g. Customer Flow, Financial Assistance, etc,) the SacWorksSupport Team would like to take a moment to provide guidance on two of the Support Service Activities currently being utilized by staff at the centers. Staff should no longer use Support Service Activity 184 for Rental Assistance. Instead, staff should begin using Support Service Activity 185 (Support Service – Other) when obligating funds for Rental Assistance, Book Costs, Food, Clothing, etc. The revised Financial Assistance Directive will provide additional detail on this activity (as well as all of the other Support Service activities) after it has been finalized.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact SacWorksSupport,


Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.



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