SacWorks Selective Service Registration Documentation

Good morning,
We have recently identified an issue with how the Selective Service (Demographic Information) detail in SacWorks is populated.
Selective Service no longer allows us to access their website to auto populate the customer’s Selective Service Registration Number and Date into SacWorks. If the customer is registered for Selective Service, staff should select “Yes” to the Have you Registered for Selective Service? question and then select the Selective Service Web Site hyperlink. NOTE: Please DO NOT select “Re-Verify Selective Service” link as this will change the “Have you registered for the Selective Service?” to No. This field (along with the Selective Service Registration Number and Selective Service Registration Date fields) will be removed from SacWorks in the near future.
Once at the Selective Service website staff will need to select the Check Registration button and enter the required customer detail (last name, SSN, DOB) and enter the required alpha/numeric sequence as it appears in the image.
Once you “submit” the customer detail you should see a screen that shows the customer’s Selective Service Number and Date of Registration.
Print this page and scan the document into the customer’s Vault account. Please use Document type “Selective Service Screen Shot Print-Out” option.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SacWorks Support.
Thank you,
Ralph Giddings
Workforce System Administrator
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