Plaza Del Paso Update

Good afternoon. This morning the SETA Governing Board approved an extension of our Plaza Del Paso lease with our current landlord. This is a ten year lease with two 5 year extensions. Part of the lease includes tenant improvements that will provide more space for meetings/training while decreasing space that SETA no longer uses, saving the Agency funds for services. The area in the northeast corner of the building (where the Jupiter and Saturn Rooms are located) will be vacated by SETA by the end of December. The former Job Club Room in the southwest corner of the building will also be vacated and no longer part of the SETA lease by the end of December.

There are several tenant improvements that will be scheduled to be completed in the next three months which will include temporary movement of some staff to other locations in the building during these improvement projects. The landlord is building a second Sequoia-size room to accommodate more meeting/training space. The North kitchen will be eliminated and combined with the South kitchen to accommodate this buildout. In addition, the North Atrium will be converted to office space.

The landlord will also be replacing carpet and repainting the building on weekends and holidays.  The construction work inside the building will be done during the week and staff will be temporarily relocated within the building to accommodate work needs.

We ask for your patience as this work commences and will work with the landlord to make these changes as quickly and quietly as possible. Please see your Deputy Director/Chief for more details about affected work space. Temporary moves will be shared as the plan is developed.


Kathy Kossick

Executive Director

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

(916) 263-3810

(916) 263-3825 Fax

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