Plaza Del Paso Update

I want to insure that all SETA employees have the latest information regarding changes to the Agency Headquarters building. Yesterday we met with the building architects and we are still in the planning stages for the upcoming changes to the building. SETA will be updating the administrative office and adding some much needed training/meeting room space. The building will be undergoing some minor construction. Updates and changes will include:

–              An added large training room (like the Sequoia Room). This will eliminate the North kitchen area and storage room.

–              An updated main lobby

–              A conversion of the CFS reception area to a conference room

–              Some additional offices and additional storage space located in CFS

–              Updated SETA Board Room

–              Expanded CFS work space into the North Atrium

–              Updated carpet and paint throughout the building

–              An added teller window in Fiscal for easy petty-cash/reimbursement pick-up

–              Relocation of the Jupiter Room (computer lab) next to the Human Resources Department

–              Added divider to the Shasta Room to make smaller meeting rooms as needed

–              Conversion of the Diablo Room (small computer lab) to a conference room

–              Updated South kitchen area and atrium


The Landlord is in the process of procuring necessary carpeting and tile for the building. The anticipated start date for painting and carpeting is early November. Construction activity will begin approximately mid-December and be completed approximately mid-February. During this period some of the meeting rooms in the building will not be available for meetings. The builder will be providing a more detailed timeline in the weeks to come. We will be relocating the building entrance for approximately four weeks to the North side of the building. Details will follow as dates are solidified.



Kathy Kossick

Executive Director

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

(916) 263-3810

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