Modify Activity 202s That Exceed the 360 Day Restriction

We have been asked by EDD to modify Activity 202s that exceed the 360 day restriction. The customers who have the Activity in their SacWorks Account that exceed the 360 day mark are reflected on the attached spreadsheet. The last column of the spreadsheet reflects what the Projected End Date of the Activities needs to be changed to. If the new Projected End Date is in the near future and you are still working with the customer you may want to consider changing the Projected End Date and then Close/Complete the Activity and enter a new Activity 202 with 180 days between the Projected and Actual Begin Date and the Projected End Date to ensure that the customer’s WIA Application does not Soft Exit prematurely.
Please be sure to let SacWorksSupport know when your center has completed the changes to the customer’s Activity 202s.
Also, keep in mind that while it takes 90 days beyond the Projected End Date for any Activity to System Close in SacWorks the Activity will System Close in CalJOBS the next day after the Projected End Date. With that in mind, when Staff receive an Activity Closure Alerts they should either Extend it immediately or Complete/Close the Activity.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SacWorksSupport.
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