Good Morning Del Paso Staff:


There are many meetings, training sessions etc. that are held here at Plaza Del Paso.  The non-SETA staff  as well as

the SETA Staff that are coming into the lobby area to check in, oftentimes cannot tell Iris what conference room that

was on the invite , the official name of the meeting, and who their SETA Contact person Is.  Iris or whomever the person

is that is sitting in for Iris will  then have to check every conference room in the calendar.  I am often asked to help in finding

where to direct attendees to go.


Please do the following when scheduling a meeting where both SETA  Staff coming from other centers and Non-SETA Staff

Attending a meeting here:


  1. Verbally let Iris Trask or Receptionists filing in know about your meeting, what conference room it is in,  and the number of

attendees you are expecting.  If there are a series of meeting/classes give Iris a list.

  1. When reserving your conference room, clearly list the mane of the meeting, class, training session etc.
  2. When reserving a conference room,  list a SETA  staff name or names for contact
  3. Inform  the attendees/s who will be coming to Plaza Del Paso to bring the Name of the meeting, Conference Room and

SETA Contact Name.

  1. If your meeting, class or training session begins at 8:00AM, attendees will arrive as early as 7:30.  Please have a Staff

Member here to greet them and answer any questions they may have. 

  1. If your meeting/class training session require internal doors to be open for an extended amount of time,  you have to let

me know the conference room your meeting is being held in, and the Start and End Time of the meeting at least 24 hours

            notice ahead of time, in the event that I am not here I can program the door/s to automatically open.


If the steps above are followed, directing attendees out of the Lobby to their intended dessignation will be much more organized

For all involved..


Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter, and let me know if you have any questions.



Stephany Murphy

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