CVS Priority Referral Program

Sacramento Works has developed a partnership with CVS so that we can offer our customers the opportunity to receive priority referral for an interview when applying for a CVS position.

Every week, CVS will be sending us the weekly job postings. These will be posted in our system. Employer Services will send the CVS ‘hot jobs’ link  out on a weekly basis. Customers can go to the jobs site and search for CVS openings in the Sacramento area. Specific instructions are included in the job posting which include a three step process:

Step 1:

Weekly job openings posted in directing customers to send their resume to

Step 2:
Qualified candidates will be sent an email with the link to apply on-line and take the Virtual Job Tryout. Once the -line application process is completed, candidate is instructed to send a reply email with the following information:
•    Name
•    Date of Application
•    Reference Number (provided in reply email from CVS)
•    Store Number

Step 3:
Candidates providing the correct information (most important is the Reference Number) will be referred to the CVS hiring team to be scheduled for an interview.  All candidates will receive a reply email that states they have been referred to the CVS hiring team and will be contacted directly by CVS for interview scheduling.

We have a great opportunity to assist our customers in obtaining employment with CVS. Please share this information with your customers. There are full-time opportunities including management positions as well as part-time positions ideal for college students and older workers for example. Keep CVS opportunities in mind when assisting your customers with employment referrals.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish additional information.

I appreciate your support in helping make the Sacramento Works – CVS partnership a success.

Terri Carpenter
Public Information Officer
SETA-Head Start-Sacramento Works
(916) 263-7891
Fax (916) 263-4196

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