CalJOBS Grants 901 & 905 OJT Matrix

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For those of you who have customers enrolled into Grants 901 & 905 in SacWorks (and the activities were still Open as of June 30, 2016), we have attempted to load these customers to CalJOBS to allow you to continue to work with them. Please log into CalJOBS to ensure that they loaded properly. If you are unable to locate any of your customers (in CalJOBS) that you believe still have Open activities please contact SacWorksSupport and we will get them loaded over for you.


NOTE: Many of the Grant 905/901 customers with Open OJT activities in CalJOBS have Projected End Dates of June 30, 2016. That being said, these activities will System Close on or about July 30 unless they are either extended or “Successfully Completed”. In addition, the process for enrolling customers into Grants 901 & 905 (CalWORKS) has changed slightly. Please review the attached Matrix to ensure that all of your new enrollments are entered correctly.


Finally, the Eligibility Group is now Local Funded Grant (not Statewide Adult Eligibility) located in the Non-WIOA Grants section (Eligibility and Grants) of the customer’s WIOA Application. There is also a new section within the WIOA App called “PIRL”. While this section is not currently required (at this point)  it is a good idea to go ahead and complete it. Once completed, it allows for easier navigation through the WIOA Application Wizard.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact SacWorksSupport.



CalWORKs Grants 901 & 905 matrix

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