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Address Change Forms
2018 Holiday_ Payday Calendar

Human Resources

SETA Policy and Procedures 2018
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Request for Language Certification Form
SETA Physician Pre-designation form
Leave Request Form
Incident Reporting Policy

ICMA 457 Retirement Plan

ICMA 457 Retirement Plan
ICMA-RC (Retirement Savings Plan) Website
Video:Who’s in Charge of Your Retirement? Get to Know Your 457 Plan
Video: Get Reimbursed for Health-Care Costs-Your Retirement Health Savings (RHS) Plan
Video: ICMA-RC Will Continue to Work for You
Video:Su Plan De Remuneracion Diferida 457

NEW ICMA FEATURE!!! Quick and Easy Online Mobile Enrollment

Mobile Enrollment Overview for Employees
Online Enrollment at a Glance

2018 Benefits and Enrollment Information

2018 Insurance Rate Sheet
2018 Special District OE Form
SETA Life Insurance Beneficiary_Fillable
SETA Life Insurance_Fillable
2018 Special District Summary
2018 Waiver of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage

SETA – AFSCME Agreements

Supervisory Unit-2013-2018 w-signatures
Head Start Unit-2013-2018 w-signatures
CTA 2013-2018 w-signatures
Unrep Reso 2016 Final-7-25-16

Tuition/Permit Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement Cheat Sheet 2017
Tuition Reimbursement Pre-Approval Request 2017-2018
SETA Permit Reimbursement 2017
Statement of Financial Aid Fillable 2017