Directive Attachments

Job Center Directives

Adult Priority of Service (WDD16-2)
Referral and Request for Services and Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities (WDD16-3)
Ticket To Work Enrollment and Orientation Process (WDD16-4)
Eligibility or Demographic Data Collection and Criteria (IS 22-09)
Financial Assistance Award Directive (WDD16-6)
Guidance on the Gold Standard Study Post-Intake Period (IS 27-12)
Implementation of Covered CA Outreach and Education Activities at SWJCs and TCs (IS 29-14)
Nondiscrimination & Equal Opportunity Procedures (IS 05-08)
Sacramento Works Customer Flow Directive (WDD16-3)-DRAFT
SWCC and SWTC Transition Training Manual Directive (IS 28-13)

Miscellaneous Directives

Bilingual Services Policy(IS 26-12)
Common Measures (IS 08-08)
Incident Reporting (IS 09-08)
Monitoring Policy for Workforce Development Programs (IS 17-08)
Program Analysis and Deobligation-Reobligation (IS 14-08)
Provisions of Services Involving Relatives, Personal Friends, or Associates (IS 11-08)
Sacramento Works – America’s Job Center of California Branding Directive IS 30-14

OJT and WEX Directives

OJT-SE Policy WIOA Directive (WDD16-5)
Increase in Employer Wage Reimbursement Rates for OJT (WDD16-1)
OJT-SE Carryovers Guidelines (IS 20-09)
OJT SE Subgrantee Contact List
WEX (IS 21-09)
WEX Employer Handbook
In-House WEX Process Chart
Payroll Flowchart

Youth Directives

Customer Tracking and Case Management Activities for Youth (IS04-02)
Guidelines for Submission of Youth MIS Forms and Reporting of Youth Common Measures Outcomes (IS08-02)
Monitoring Policy for WIOA Youth Program-DRAFT
Policy on Eligibility and Enrollment for Out-of-School Youth Programs (08-03) – 10.18.16-DRAFT
Policy on Eligibility and Enrollment for WIOA In-School Youth Programs-DRAFT
WIOA Youth Program Enrollment Levels-DRAFT